The Weigh To Say Good-Bye

For most of my adult life, I have been consumed and deeply unsatisfied with my body.  I’ve tried many programs, read many books, tried many healthy food lifestyles (I never could diet), did triathlons, ran half marathons, completed a marathon, etc. This list goes on and on.

One technique I tried to get to my ideal weight was to focus on the actual number I wanted to weigh. I even taped a piece of paper on the scale so that every time I stepped on it, all I saw was 127. (Tricking my brain has never really worked.)

I don’t even know how to articulate how much time, money, and energy I have focused on creating the body I want.  It’s almost embarrassing, but somehow I feel like I am not alone.  If you can relate, than you can also relate to how exhausting it is.

In fact, it was so exhausting, that I finally gave up and started loving my body.  And because of that, I was ready to make some internal shifts that have really helped me FINALLY feel the freedom and love I was hoping for all along.

Before, I was afraid of letting go and accepting myself because I didn’t want to “get worse.” Now I realize accepting myself was the only way to feel good.

How did I do that?????

One of the questions I asked myself was “If this is the best I ever get, am I willing to let go of the struggle and love myself anyway?”

This time, my answer was “YES! It’s worth letting go of the struggle to be happy now!”

The “weigh” I have said good-bye to things that are no longer serving me has been SO EASY… and easier than I ever imagined.

The key ingredient?

I believe it was because I was ready and I accepted myself unconditionally.

Over the last 3 months I feel like I have been guided to know what to let go of and what to bring in to make the biggest difference in my journey to love my body.

If you are feeling ready to love yourself more completely, maybe you want to let go of something, too?

Here are some ideas that I have easily done already (which means, I can help you do the same!)

I said “Good-bye” to…

  • SUGAR!! (oh my! this is a blog topic all on it’s own! I feel like things REALLY shifted when I let this go!)
  • Looking at myself in the mirror trying to find something to fix.
  • My scale! (you know what?  it NEVER really served me!)
  • Making decisions related to “loosing weight” with activities, food, clothes etc. (Now I do activities and eat the food because I want to and what makes me feel good.)
  • The idea that loving my body was connected to a number on the scale or the size in clothing.

bye bye scale

I am saying “Hello” to…

  • meditation
  • saying kind and loving things to myself in the mirror (especially naked)
  • gentle strength training so my body feels strong
  • measuring my results based on how I feel.
  • many, many more magical moments because I am an even more powerful manifestor now!

I hope you experience the peace and love I now know is available to you.



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