The Deeper Expression of Self Love

I remember a very special weekend a few years ago that oozed self love. It was the theme of a yoga retreat I attended in my soul state, Alaska, and held by one of my soul sisters.  It was a perfect way of loving myself–Alaska, yoga and deep connection with myself, a dear friend, and new friends all wrapped up nicely in a retreat.

I was fortunate enough to have led a short, but meaningful discussion on this beautiful topic. On my way home, I realized there was one more thing I wished I had shared. Not only is it the most challenging for me, I have come to believe it is the deeper expression of self love.

The message that kept coming up in our talk was the importance of placing ourselves higher on our priority by taking better care of ourselves, especially when that means buying new underwear. (That got a good chuckle…) The other messages focused on how we talk to ourselves, how we nourish ourselves, how we get to know ourselves as a dear friend, how we trust that inner voice that whispers to us, and how we show love and compassion as we practice self-acceptance. One of the gifts of our discussion was realizing how similar we are on our journey.

We are not alone.

What we didn’t talk about was how to allow others to nurture and love us.

If you are anything like me, I’m so freakin’ independent that I find it challenging to receive love and support from others.  There was a time I couldn’t even accept a compliment without wanting to redirect it back to them.  It’s easy for me to do more for others than I would ever let someone else do for me.  and I know that needs to change.

What does receiving love and support from others even look like?

6a00d834522b3e69e200e5503dcfb38833-800wiFor me, I’m deepening my self love practice by having my own coach to support me and my dreams.  I’ve decided to explore having a personal trainer so I can receive guidance and support me as my body changes while I go through perimenopause.  And as we continue to live into a our Peaceful Heart Retreat, we are hiring others to help us as well as asking our friends for help with projects.

Where can you receive help?

If this is uncomfortable, keep it simple at first.The next time someone asks if there is anything they can do for you, come up with something.


Even if it is carrying a bag into the house, or helping you find something at the grocery store.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Ready to deepen your self love practice a little bit more?

ASK for support. Don’t wait until it’s offered.

What will you ask for support around?

I know.  It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?

That’s why WE (me, included) need to practice, practice, practice.

The Importance of Self Love in Manifesting

Without the deeper practice of self love as an expression of receiving, you will find ways to block the flow.  Maybe not on purpose, but it will happen. That is why self love is the secret ingredient for manifesting what you want in your life. It’s the thread that brings it all together.

When you love yourself, you will allow your dreams to come to life, surround yourself with an inspiring and supportive community, and have a peaceful heart towards yourself and others.  From this place, anything is possible.

And most importantly, even though we are manifesting things, what we are really and truly manifesting is ourselves.  Our real selves. (~david spangler from The Laws of Manifestation)

Manifesting Mantra:
I am willing to ask and receive assistance
from others and the Universe.

Join us in our sacred, safe community and share your thoughts on self love and how you are practicing it in your life right now.

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