Being With Breast Cancer Retreat

Welcome to a safe place to BE with your experience with breast cancer in a gentle way and taking care of yourself in a different way. Create space for true healing to become available.

You see being diagnosed with breast cancer as a wake up call and even a blessing, yet it’s been easy to be swept away in the overwhelming amount of information, statistics, research, doctor appointments, urgency, opinions of others, intense self-care regimens and lifestyle changes.

Even so, your inner voice is asking you to slow down, to listen to your guidance, to do the deeper, emotional and energetic healing work.

You are ready to BE with breast cancer in a different way, realizing it is a mind, body and spirit connection that will bring you health and well-being in all areas of your life.

  • You don’t have to “fight” cancer any more.
  • You don’t have to keep it all together any more.
  • You don’t have to try and figure out how to do the emotional healing on your own any more.
  • You don’t have to put others first any more.
  • You can let the noise settle and hear your inner truth.
  • You can access deeper healing.

Is it time to put yourself first, to be held, to be nurtured and to honor that inner whisper to give yourself the space to be with your breast cancer journey from a place of peace?

During the Being with Breast Cancer Retreat, you will have a safe space, time and support to let things settle so you can hear and partner with your own inner MD. You will be guided to learn how to trust yourself in a way you’ve never known before. You will love and heal yourself by releasing thoughts, beliefs and emotions in a gentle, powerful way. As you tune into deep peace, new possibilities will become available to you in a magical way.

You will be able to experience:

  • Receiving
  • Loving yourself completely
  • Releasing fear, anger, worry, grief, and other emotions that show up.
  • End the need to over-give.
  • Giving yourself the gift of being free, alive, and showing up in your life.

Regardless of the path you have chosen (conventional or natural, or both), you will be honored and supported. Please know, this is not a space where we will create protocols or recommend different treatment paths.  You can get that in other places.  This is the space to be held, nurtured, and come home to yourself.

You will be nourished with high-vibe, vegan meals/snacks, be immersed in nature, enjoy a gentle energy medicine yoga, meditation, and other energy healing practices you can take home with you that will have you feel lighter, more empowered, and grounded.

This retreat is reserved for 10 ladies and offers a 3 month container of support after you return home for a more gentle reentry into your every day life.


March 15 – 18, 2018  (5:00 pm on Thursday to 1:00 pm on Sunday)

Hood River, Oregon at Peaceful Heart Retreat

Receive lodging, 9 vegan meals, healing sessions, three months of post retreat support.

$1500 *Payment plans are available to support you.

What others have said about their retreat experience with me

Marlo has the unique ability to hold space for powerful transformation in a very peaceful setting. Her approach is subbtle, almost as if very little is happening, and then whaammmm… inner transformation!

Marlo is very attuned to the entire experience – ensuring the meals, space, grounds, noise, temperature etc. were optimal and cohesive so that we could focus on exploring our energy, emotions and thoughts. Her focus on energy work through various approaches and tools, as well as her aesthetics are also unique!

Marlo’s continual attention to the flow of energy mindfully drawing from her rich bank of techniques to guide the group and allow each of us to set our intentions then watch them morph into so much more…abundantly.

I was surprised at how quickly my inner voice grew more and more confident and the connection made with the other lovely retreat participants. I also left with some very tangible ways to move my inner desires forward. Even after months from experiencing a retreat with Marlo, I still hear her voice, kindly, gently, powerfully creating space that allows me to move myself forward.

Even several months after the Peaceful Heart retreat my heart space is still warm and open to an abundance of attention and energy to business, and the fullness of life. I am gentler w myself, and I am still connected to the ladies I met there! I think regular retreats would be fantastic!

Marlo is an especially compassionate facilitator with a passion for transformation and intuition for healing, thus making your retreats a very personal and intimate experience. Based on what I experienced, I’d recommend for people seeking personal growth experiences who are new to retreats and/or dealing with a big transition/issue.

Consider no longer. Go. The power of a retreat is difficult to capture in words because it is so often the internal work of our hearts. How does one capture this on paper… it’s very nature is elusive. If you find the questioning voice of doubt raising its head, consider this retreat as an invitation to step into the self you long to be but hold back for fear of the unknown. Go, and find yourself!

Here is a little about me and my breast cancer journey.

I am a healer for healers and space holder for peace and magic, offering small intimate retreats in our home in Oregon. I had just competed a retreat when I received the news I had breast cancer. And because of my personal work, I was able to be with all the feelings that comes with such news and then experience a deep sense of peace around it all.

It has been such an incredible journey of releasing, receiving and trusting my inner knowing. The people, the solutions, the healing has shown up in perfect timing and in magical ways. I have been able to create space so that all my decisions are clear and even free of fear, anger, frustration, or judgement.

It truly has been remarkable and sometimes I’ve surprised myself. ♥︎

And now it’s time to share this way of being with breast cancer with you.