The Peaceful Place Retreat. The space where MAGIC happens

Be nurtured in nature as you:

  • Gain clarity about what you really want and how you want to serve.
  • Return to your center so you feel grounded and whole.
  • Align your energy with YOU.
  • Create Space for Magic to show up in your life.
  • Live with a Peaceful Heart.

Peaceful Heart, Peaceful Mind = Magic

I have followed, practiced and taught traditional manifesting processes. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t.

The ones that did had something in common.  I was at complete peace and I felt connected to the universe.  The ones that didn’t come to fruition felt like I was forcing something, even if I was using all the tools.

Knowing how to BE PEACE is the element that is important in being completely aligned and connected with your source.

And this is where we begin.

This retreat is created so you can feel that complete peace within yourself and to BE it.

It is an experience so you can breathe, get quiet, and listen to your inner voice and leave with a sense of clarity on who you are, what you want, and the aligned action that are unique to you.

It is from this place that anything is possible with greater ease. It is more fun and more magical than I can even describe in words.

Instead of striving to make something happen, you will focus on aligning your energy so something CAN happen.  It’s a subtle change that makes a powerful difference in your way of living.

Imagine your life if struggle was optional? If you felt lighter, more free, more centered?

Imagine loving your life so much that you no longer NEED to get away, but retreats and vacations become a space for you to transform because you want to.

What if you could live from a state of peace, playfulness, and prosperity.

That is what I want for you. And I know this retreat will be the container for you to experience it and take it with you.

Your inner shifts will create a different outer world. Guaranteed.

Here’s some things we will be doing together:

*gentle energy yoga classes (Not like your typical yoga class, though)
*playing with essential oils, singing bowls, and tuning forks.
*being nurtured in nature
*eating high vibe, compasssionate, home cooked, vegan, simple, gourmet meals and snacks.
*spending time with yourself and other amazing high vibrating souls.

If the time seems ready for you, you are welcome to join me and 5 other peaceful creators in this safe, intentional container for a 4 day retreat.  Use this time to return to your center, listen to your inner knowing, and align your energy with peace.  Then be open to experience magic in your life.

The Peaceful Place Retreat

Two Dates to choose From:

August 31-September 3

November 30- December 3

Located in Hood River, Oregon immersed in nature at the Peaceful Heart Retreat.  One hour east of Portland.

$1000 includes lodging, food, and activities
*Payment plans are available by request

Space limited to 6 people

Experiential learning you can’t get anywhere else — you will become more focused, grounded and magical in a way that will serve you and those you love.

Enjoy meditation, movement, morning rituals, mother nature, meals (simple, yummy, vegan), plus more.

 Are you ready to Live with Peace and Magic?

Reserve your space and let the magic begin!  I have noticed once I step into and commit to something like this, the container is created the moment I register. This means you can benefit from the retreat before you attend.💜