Open arms of a dear friend

Relishing in the afterglow of this morning’s ritual. It feels like I had a special time with a dear friend. Even though I don’t do this every day, there is a small part of me that thinks I “should.” When I come from that place it takes away from being here now. There is a deep peace when I know I can return here anytime, anywhere and I will be welcomed with open arms. Just like a dear friend would do after days or months of not seeing each other.

Imagine being with a friend where the first minutes of coming together is berating you for not staying in better touch. For judging you for not being a good friend. For wanting you to be different. How long would you stay friends with her/him?

Now imagine a friend who loves you no matter what. Even if a chunk of time has passed since you last saw each other, they are full of glee to be in your presence? They see you.

Which one do you feel safe with? Which one allows you to be yourself? Which one feels more peaceful?

And now, how can you be that kind of friend to yourself?

How can you treat yourself with more gentleness?

And welcome yourself back to yourself with open arms?

This is the place you will want to keep coming back to.

This is the peaceful practice.


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