Meet Marlo

Hello, friend.  It is wonder*full to connect with you here.

I am very, VERY excited to help you manifest amazing experiences into your life.

There are many personal stories I will share with you as we get to know each other. A few of my favorites will include how I manifested my smart car in less than 6 months (even though there was a 2 year waiting list), slice of paradise in Canada,  and most recently our new home in Hawaii.

While those are really cool and fun, what I am most interested in is manifesting freedom, inner peace, happiness while creating a significant difference in the world.

Even though it seems very magical, there is a fun and simple process to help manifest experiences like this in your life…consistently!

This is where I come in.  As your Manifesting Mentor , I can help you do just that!

My approach brings a more gentle, playful, and peaceful way of living.  No more struggle, working hard with little or no results, or coming from a place of forcing or “making” things happen.

This has been a shift even for myself.  I was  raised with the mid-western mindset of working harder and longer as a way to succeed.   Later I  started my own business as a professional organizer where the process was cleaning up our external world with the hopes that the internal world would follow.  I had a lot of beliefs, habits, and ways of looking at the world that no longer served me or how I wanted to really live, especially as I began to experience a new lighter, more playful way… the way I am sharing with you now.

It’s time to let go of the old ways of doing things and experience a life that is full of grace, ease and JOY!

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing in this joyous journey together.



 ”To bring peace to the earth, strive to make your own life peaceful.”