Freedom Mantra

Just like I’ve done many times before, I was happily waiting for people to arrive for my yoga class.  As I looked at the schedule I noticed my friend had a very large class the day before. I was super excited for her and all the students who received her class.

As the clock ticked closer to the beginning of my class with no one showing up,  my mind chatter began to take a new direction.

“Wow. They must like her classes more than mine.”

“They must not like me.”

“I’m a horrible yoga teacher.”

Thankfully, I’ve become a great observer of my thoughts and I could see how quickly they created a story that was not in my favor at all.

Within seconds, I made up all these stories and I have no idea if they are true.

Recognizing this is a pretty powerful place to be, but the true freedom came from what happened next.

I was able to completely settle into “Even if these stories are true, I’m okay.”

Even if they don’t like me, my yoga classes suck, and I am a horrible yoga teacher, none of these have to mean anything or define who I am at my core.  I’m okay. I can relax now.

And just like that, I felt lighter and free. I experienced peace.

Looking back, I realize another time this mantra worked its magic.

Last year when DeWayne and I were having a rough spot in our relationship, I felt stuck, scared, and very unhappy. I gave myself space to explore what it would be like if I left, and in that moment I knew I would be okay even though I had no idea where I would go or what I would do.  The heaviness, the stuck-ness, the fear all left. It was in that newly created space I chose to stay because I had the freedom to go either way.

Freedom Mantra

Both of these experiences have left me with a new mantra of letting go and being free every moment.

“I’m Okay.”

When I can tap into this lightness of being, there is a shift that is truly beautiful, simple and powerful.  No matter what’s going on around me or inside me,  I’m okay.

IMG_5956For me, “I’m okay” wraps all of these statements in one.

I am safe.

I accept and love myself at my core.

I trust.

I am enough.

I can relax now.
In talking to my friends and yoga students, they have come to the same realization.

My wish for you is to have this sense of power, freedom, and lightness.

If you would like to explore this space together, let me know.  I would love to guide and support you in becoming more aware of your thoughts, the stories you create as well as finding peace in knowing you are okay.

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