Fill Your Cup First

Take a long deep breath in to fill up.

Slowly release and breathe out.

Now imagine what your life would be like if you nourished yourself so well that you were able to show up in the world by giving everything from your overflowing cup.

This is something I have been experimenting with over the last few years.  Apparently, I needed to know what it felt like to have a depleted cup before I could fully appreciate what is possible or to even witness one of my patterns (one that still shows up from time to time.)

It’s the pattern of stopping the things that fill my cup as soon as I feel good.  When my cup becomes depleted, I feel tired, unmotivated, heavy, run down, naggy and even resentful. Then I have a wake-up call to focus on my self-care practice again. My cup fills to just be depleted over and over again.    It’s like turning the faucet “off” when I feel full, then “on” when my cup is empty. And the cycle continues.




In one of my meditations, it became clear to me that I want a gentle, steady flow into my cup so what I give others comes from my overflow, NOT what is in my cup. This seems so much more sustainable and serves me and everyone so much more.  It also allows me to show up from my most whole, full self.

Being someone who cares for the environment, I struggled a little with the overflowing cup analogy. In some ways it feels wasteful, but then I see examples of this in nature with waterfalls, rivers, and the cycle of water evaporating and falling back to the earth in the form of snow or rain.

And then I wondered if having an overflow was even possible.  What I have found is that I can either close or open my faucets to the energy that surrounds us, which is the source of the overflow.  It is always available. I just have to open myself up to it.


My overflowing practice

  • I meditate, even if it is for 10 minutes.
  • I rest when I am tired. (I love naps).
  • I teach yoga. (this fills me up more than I ever imagined)
  • I practice yoga.
  • I live in nature.
  • I pay closer attention to what & who takes my energy and what & who feeds my energy.
  • I eat whole foods (most of the time)
  • I move my body.
  • I live in the flow.
  • I connect with my breath.

The Real A-ha

There have been times when I was doing all the “right things” to fill my cup, but I wasn’t noticing a huge difference in how I was feeling.

What I realized is that I was trying to effort them from a place of discipline or the energy of “have-tos.”

This may sound like a subtle difference but, wow, it made a B-I-G difference.

It is not only the actions that are filling me up, but the way I engage with them. The moment “meditation” becomes a have-to, it no longer fills my cup.  If I feel guilty for taking a nap or if it becomes stressful to eat whole foods, my cup may not become depleted, but it isn’t getting full either.

Pay special attention to the…







as you practice filling your cup.

What a life of overflowing looks like

At the beginning, I invited you to wonder what a life from an overflowing cup would look and feel like.  This is one picture of what is possible.

There is someone that comes first and that is my alignment with my source.  That’s who I am devoted to and committed to.

I will give you as much as I can from the fullness of me, not separate from me.

I won’t be needing or demanding from you behavior to keep myself happy. My happiness will be dependent upon my focus.

I do not depend on anyone for my own alignment.

My self respect and well-being is not dependent upon anyone else’s behavior.

I find true alignment with who I am.


Tell me about YOUR cup

  1. How full is your cup right now?
  2. What are you already doing that fills your cup?
  3. From my list, (or your own), is there anything new you would like to play with and see how it fills your cup?
  4. Do you have a steady stream? Or do you experience what I sometimes do with turning your faucet on-off?
  5. What comes up for you when you think about devoting your time and energy to filling your cup FIRST?


From my overflowing cup to your overflowing cup,




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