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A Bridge to Your Highest Potential

As my first retreat neared, I noticed how much I wanted it to be perfect and how much I wanted my place to be completely done. Instead of getting stuck there, I am became grateful that I am living my dream and offering others to be a part of it even though it’s not done.
I invite you to consider where you are stopping yourself from moving towards your dream and letting go of the idea that you don’t know enough, or that you have to wait until you can begin moving in the direction of your dream.

In this short video I bring you into my unfinished yoga space as I share one of my favorite essential oils and a energy flow that will help you bridge your soul with your highest spirit.

I also offer a beautiful energy movement called the Yin Bridge Flow which helps create a bridge between your soul and your higher spirit.

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Highest Potential Oil helps balance physical and emotional energies so youcan focus on the higher goal, promoting confidence, stability, and peace.

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When we tune into our highest potential and have a deep knowing we are able to let go of the timing and all the uncertainty and truly partner with our purpose.

Freedom Mantra

Just like I’ve done many times before, I was happily waiting for people to arrive for my yoga class.  As I looked at the schedule I noticed my friend had a very large class the day before. I was super excited for her and all the students who received her class. As the clock ticked closerContinue Reading

Manifesting Messages are Everywhere

We are surrounded by simple messages that support the manifesting process, even in unexpected places. Just this morning I decided to use an iphone app for my yoga practice. I listened to the message by Deepak Chopra who was talking about yoga, but I heard him talking about the Law of Attraction. This is justContinue Reading