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When the Universe Knocked

One of my favorite manifesting stories is the one where we sold our condo when the Universe literally knocked on our door.

We were getting ready to sell our luxury condo so we could move to Portland, Oregon once DeWayne retired from the military. Since we had sold and bought several properties we felt comfortable selling this on our own, but for some reason we kept putting off cleaning, decluttering, and placing it on the market. One thing that has worked for me in the past was to write my intention on how I wanted the sale to go, so I wrote: I am grateful for our condo selling with ease, quickly, and for top dollar. Serendipitously, DeWayne had separately written the same intention. (I think he used “fast” instead of “quick.”)

One night DeWayne and I were talking about getting the condo ready to place on the market when we got a knock on our door, which NEVER happens! People who live on our floor are the only ones who have access, so we were curious and very surprised at the knock. It was our neighbor who asked when we would be ready to show the condo. Who knew that an elevator conversation a few days before about us selling the condo would result in him standing at our door with two potential buyers. After talking to him a few minutes, we closed the door and looked at each other with an inner knowing that we had just sold our condo.

The following week, we had two showings with our neighbor’s friends. After the Friday showing, we had a verbal agreement. Early the next week we had a written agreement.

Now that was with ease, super quick, and we did get top dollar!

If you have had the experience of selling a property, you know how stressful it can be to keep it “show worthy” and all the things involved with the process. So the ability to only show it twice AND sell it before it even goes on the market is pretty phenomenal.

When I think of this story, it makes me all giddy inside just knowing how magical things like this can happen BEYOND my imagination. While there is no amount of planning that would have made it happen this way, there are a few things that we did that helped.

Set a big picture intention.

I didn’t say “Our neighbor will come to our door and represent his friend to buy our condo.” I just said I wanted it to be easy, done quickly, and for top dollar and left the details to the Universe to orchestrate.

Create space.

While we really needed to sell our condo, we created time where it wasn’t urgent. We really had 7 months financially before it would have turned into a lower vibration of desperation.

Procrastination can be your friend.

The old me would have “forced” myself to get the condo on the market sooner than later, because you bust through procrastination, right?!? Now I pay attention to those feelings that I would have registered as procrastination. If I had “forced” myself, we would have created a lot of extra work for ourselves and paid more money to sell the condo ourselves online than was unnecessary. There was a reason it wasn’t the right time and I trusted the energy.

Share your story

Do you have a magical manifesting story to share? I would love to read it and maybe share it (with your permission, of course.)

Even if you don’t share it with me, think about your story and what helped bring it into your reality? It may give you ideas of how to bring other things you want into your life with greater ease.


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