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The In-Between

Ahh… this is an interesting space to be in.

I spoke to this very thing in yoga a few days ago highlighting the quote:

Honor the space of no longer and not yet.

In a yoga class, it can be the space between shapes, the space between our breath, or the space between thoughts.

In life, it can be the space between a move, a change in jobs, a renovation, a decision, a vacation, a friendship, an intention or a destination.  It can also be noticed as the space between where I am and where I want to be.

What comes up for you when you are in this place?











Wishing it away?

What would happen if I just notice?

What would happen if I just breathe?

What would happen if I focus here and now,  and trust the “not yet” will arrive in it’s own time?

When I notice I lose patience I will often grasp what was, hurry through this uncomfortable space, or force things to change faster.  Sometimes, I will look externally for the answers.  Even though this can be a valuable experience and I can learn something from it, I enjoy the transition and waiting when I tune in, trust, and enjoy the moment as it is. I release expectations, release the busy work, release the spinning of my wheels, and release the need to know.

Doing this creates space for what’s possible.  Space for perfect timing. Space for inspired action. Space for serendipity.

I suppose there is fear lurking behind the waiting.  Fear in what I want won’t happen at all. What if I don’t make the contribution I want to make in this world? What if I don’t figure it out? What if I am not clear about my purpose?


What if I release the “need” to have any of these experiences?

What if something on the other side is better than I could ever imagine?

What if I release the energy of waiting and instead witness the in-between as the present moment?

What if I embrace the knowing that this space is what makes the no longer and the not yet even possible?

This is how I can honor this beautiful space right here, right now.

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