A Gentle Practice for Mindfulness, Meaning and Magic
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Receive Your FREE Manifesting Mantras

Manifesting Mantras are a beautiful place to begin and deepen your journey. In this guide you will learn why manifesting mantras are important and how they are different than affirmations, plus I share my top 11 mantras that will create peace and magic in your life.

Peaceful Creator

Being a peaceful creator is more than you think

Tuning into the vibration of peace contributes to your own life as well as everyone around you.  When you can tap into this energy, you are aligned and this is where the synchronicities,  magic and prosperity can happen.

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Peaceful Magic Yoga

Energy Flow Classes

When you blend energy work, essential oils and yoga together, you get a powerful practice that brings more peace, flow, and connection to your divine self.  Classes are offered live online, in person, and at our retreats.

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The Peaceful Place Retreat

Be immersed in peace while getting to know your own peaceful place. Your soul will be nurtured with high-vibe food, nature and a beautiful community.  This is a gentle way to transform and experience a life full of peace, ease, and magic.

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Recent Posts From the Blog

Gentle Guidance

This was originally written in 2013, and as I came across it in my computer, it has become another gentle nudge to bring me back to this space. ****** It has taken me years to finally understand (and accept) something about myself. While, it’s been there all along, it wasn’t until I recently came back
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A Bridge to Your Highest Potential

As my first retreat neared, I noticed how much I wanted it to be perfect and how much I wanted my place to be completely done. Instead of getting stuck there, I am became grateful that I am living my dream and offering others to be a part of it even though it’s not done.I
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